Credit Where It’s Due

This is where we tell you a little about the people that contribute ideas, information, articles and support to INJAF and is our way of giving a little back to all those who have been kind enough to give to us.  As the site grows and we get more online, so this section will grow too!  There are also those who lurk quietly behind the scenes providing tea (real and virtual!), proof reading, supporting and generally just being there and to those we also say a huge thank you.

Suzanne Constance: ‘Suey’ is a regular contributor to fishy forums.  She’s been keeping goldfish for over twenty years and has cared for nearly forty of them during that time who have thrown pretty much every problem a goldfish can throw at her!  She is on a mission to raise awareness about the real needs of these much under-estimated fish.  INJAF is sort of her fault, although a few others are heavily implicated!

Jared Cave: Jared has been keeping fish for over thirty years having caught the bug early in life.  He runs Biotope Aquatics and is committed to improving the welfare of aquatics as both a fishkeeper and aquatics retailer.

Simon Green: ‘Psy’ has been with us from day one, the voice of reason in a mad world! He keeps marines but is also experienced in the freshwater side of the things.

Mats Petersson: Mats is a moderator, data contributor and site developer on  Mats started keeping fish more than thirty years ago and has been specialising in catfish for several years, during which time he’s forgotten more about them than most of us will ever know!

Brigitte de Coriolis: Brigitte is originally from South Africa and is an experienced ecologist and conservationist.  She caught the goldfish bug when it turned out her new accommodation came with a goldfish in a bowl … the rest is history!

Fishlady: Fishlady is a moderator on and regular contributor to other fishy forums.  ‘FL’ is a very experienced fishkeeper and came back into the hobby when she rescued Hermione the common pleco from abandonment.  She’s also an accomplished photographer and her photos help illustrate many of our articles.

Kirsty Wallace: Kirsty is a keen fishkeeper and mum of two, so who better to turn to for our article on child friendly tanks!

Draco Graham-Kevan: Draco approached us to offer help, she liked what we were doing, felt very strongly about some of the welfare issues in the hobby, and wanted to do something to help. Never ones to turn down offers of help we had a bit of a chat and during the conversation she said “I think education should be the biggest aim, because I think a lot of people genuinely care about animals and just need to know what they’re doing wrong … maybe putting various pets (cats, dogs, rabbits, goldfish) in order of longest lifespans would maybe change certain perceptions.”  And so our Lifespans article and images were born.

Simon Morgan: Simon has been keeping and breeding tropical fish for over twenty-five years. He has worked in the aquatic trade but is now a sales person for a Danish Biotech company. He has a degree in Biochemistry and a Masters in Applied Fish Biology. He has written for Practical Fishkeeping and the British Cichlid Association and has been a committee member for both the BCA and the East Anglia Cichlid Group. He is married with two children and lives near Cambridge with seven chickens, three Guinea pigs and a few cichlids.

Andi: Andi’s cheery, down-to-earth and matter-of-fact approach to fishkeeping (and Life in General) is a brilliant sounding board and helps us focus on the messages most important to us.

Diane Tye: At INJAF we maintain and design our website ourselves, however, we are fortunate to have the voluntary ear of the very talented Diane Tye whenever we need a bit of help.  With a background in the creative arts, Diane is now working as a freelance web designer and in her own words is “very excited about getting people online with a site they can use and enjoy”.  If you’re interested in her work, or having her work with you on a web project, check out her website for more information and contact details.

Thanks to …

Nathan Hill (Technical Writer) and Jeremy Gay (Editor) of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine/website: many thanks for kindly allowing us the use of Nathan’s “Kings of the Tankbusters” and “Marines that turn into Monsters” infographics.

Andy of We are indebted to Andy who very kindly gave us permission to use any of the photos on his site to help illustrate our articles.  We also link to many of his articles as they complement and reinforce the messages and information in our own.

Jeroen Wijnands: Jeroen is a keen fishkeeper and contributor to forums and social media fishkeeping groups.  His set ups have been featured in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.

Gemma: for her insider’s view and feedback on our raising your concerns article.

Mark Owen: yes, the Mark Owen (sort of, depends on how you define ‘the’!).  Mark is an artist and designer, his enthusiasm for the internet and its community is infectious to say the least!  Mark was kind enough to give INJAF a spare place on his WordPress course which helped us get our website up and running.

Mark Evenden: Mark is one of the UK’s leading discus experts, the owner of Devotedly Discus and a director of OATA.  He has been kind enough to support our site by adding us to his own as a ‘useful link‘.

Jack Perks and his Beneath the Waterline Project. The aim is to film all fifty-four of the UK’s native freshwater fish species to highlight the issues and problems they face, what’s being done to help them, and to raise awareness of tricky to see native species. For more information check out the following pages, you can also follow the project on Facebook:

Beneath the Waterline Project
Jack Perks Photography
UK mini fish study Facebook page

Skwishee: Skwishee is a member of Practical Fishkeeping forum and very kindly volunteered some of her spare time to help research our ‘Do fish grow to the size of their tank?’ article.

Thanks for photos to …

Andi & Sylvia: for answering the call for cat photos and kindly donating some of their pictures to the red tailed catfish article.

Helen and Kyle Robinson for the use of their photos in the Hogsmill Habitat Imrovement Project article.

Fluttermoth, a moderator at Tropical Fish Forums, and a regular contributor to the Practical Fishkeeping forum.  She went to the not insignificant effort of getting Sin, her Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps, out of his tank to pose for photos for INJAF to use.  If you’ve ever tried extracting a large catfish from a big tank you’ll know that this was no mean feat!

Lucas at Sharnbrook Shrimp for permission to use his nerite snails photo in our child friendly tanks article.

Joe Draddy and David Liptrott for photos for our child friendly tanks article.

Dr. Mark Sabaj Perez, Alany Goncalves and Mariangeles Arce of the iXingu Project: they’ve kindly given permission for us to use their photos in our articles which gives us a great opportunity to use some fantastic images taken during research in Brazil, as well as doing a little to raise awareness of the project.

Catriona Murtagh, Holly Morris, Claire Orsatti, Oscar Hall, John Currington and Paul Woollven for photos for our animal lifespans article and images.

Cheryl Mc, James Leason, Steven Baker, Tina Fodor and Janet Debenham for photos for our Adult sizes of popular fish species article

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