The Think Tank

There are lots of things to think about when involved in the fishkeeping hobby.  This section is where we address some of those things, and encourage fishkeepers and all involved in the hobby to make themselves a little better informed.

In this section you’ll find articles aimed at raising awareness of the care requirements of various species of fish and other aquatic animals, as well as general information on key subjects within the fishkeeping hobby.  The subjects covered here are ones that we frequently see raised on various forums, so we hope the information we provide here helps to fill the ‘information gap’ that seems to exist.

As with our articles and guides, many of the subjects that we’ll be covering here are very important to us, and are a big part of why we started INJAF.

Raising your concerns

I’m Not Just A Fish

Do fish grow to the size of their tank?

How tank sizes and living conditions can affect fish

Adult sizes of popular fish species


Red tailed catfish – an aquatic big cat

Lifespans of fish and other animals

Tropical fish to think twice about

The algae eater debate

Wild caught or captive bred?

IUCN red list and aquarium fish

Hermione showing what a Pterygoplichthys pardalis should look liike Pixie: showing what a comet type goldfish should look like  Jethro five years on from his struggle to survive the problems brought on by incorrect careA wild caught red tailed catfish showing their true size Bristlenose catfish are excellent alternatives to the larger 'plec' species Clown loaches won't stay small like the little guy at the front for long!

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