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Fishkeeping often requires a bit of maths; the links below give aquarium calculators for a variety of things that you might need to work out during your fishkeeping.  Simply click on the link required and enter your details into the boxes.  The calculators will do the maths for you.

You’ll notice we don’t have an aquarium stocking calculator, that’s because there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to stocking your aquarium, there are many variables to consider.  You might like to have a read of our article about understanding fish stocking guides for more information.

Nitrate & Plants – Calculate how much plant growth you need to keep nitrate levels constant.
Water changes & temperature – Calculate how much the temperature changes in your tank when changing water with a different temperature.
Nitrate water change – Calculate how much water to change to reduce the nitrate in your aquarium.
Ammonia dosing for cycling – Calculate how much ammonia you need to add during fishless cycling.
Bicarbonate (KH) dosing – Calculate the amount of sodium bicarbonate is needed to reach a certain KH level.
Pleco cave size – Calculate how big the cave needs to be for a certain size pleco.
Substrate volume & weight – Calculate how much substrate you need for your tank, based on the size of the base of the tank.
Aquarium volume and weight calculator – Calculate the weight of the aquarium, including glass and substrate

The above were written by Mats Petersson, a huge thanks to him for allowing us to use these on the INJAF site.

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