Young fishkeepers

At INJAF we strongly believe that children and young people can play an important role in the future of aquatics, and all the things associated with an engagement with the natural world.  Encouraging children and young people to get involved can give them a passion for nature that they will carry into their adult lives.  They can be the conservationists, scientists, teachers of the future. We’ve set up this section to help children, young people, their parents and carers find out more, and to encourage them to work together and learn together.  We’ll be adding more articles as and when we can, and will be encouraging young fishkeepers to contribute to the section with their own experiences and ideas for things to do.

In December 2015 we received an email from Julie, who volunteers with a youth group. The children are learning about pet care during January 2016 and have been looking for information to help them.  A little girl called Maddie sent us a link that she found as she hoped the information in it would be useful to other fishkeepers, so we’ve added it here to help encourage other young people to get involved and find information that can help others.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Fish Tank

As a disclaimer, we can’t guarantee all the information contained in external links, but we do try to ensure that information we link to agrees with the messages we’re trying to promote.

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